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Kidney Transplant

Indicatio of kidney transplant

In general, kidney transplantation is the treatment of chronic renal insufficiency is the most ideal, so that development to end-stage chronic renal insufficiency, renal transplantation treatments are available. But in order to improve the kidney transplant survival rate, choosing appropriate clinical patients is relatively strict, generally from the illness, types of the primary disease, age, etc into consideration. Scr 1326 mu > mol/L (15 mg/dL), Ccr < 5 ml/min is the basic foundation of renal transplantation. Will tell from the primary disease, the most common for the primary disease of kidney graft recipients is primary glomerulonephritis, followed by chronic pyelonephritis, interstitial renal and cystic kidney disease. Age, although not selected key indicators, in 15 to 55 years old of young adults as well.

The advantages of renal transplantation

Renal transplantation has become the treatment of choice for the vast majority of patients with end-stage renal disease. Successful renal transplantation can satisfy patients need dialysis, and more effectively than peritoneal dialysis and hemodialysis treatment of renal failure. Successful transplanting a kidney can provide ten times more than dialysis functions. Transplant patients compared with dialysis patients, the less the restrictions, higher quality of life. Most of the patients feel better than when dialysis, have more energy.

The contraindication of renal transplantation

(1) when kidney disease is caused by systemic disease of partial performance, can't consider a kidney transplant, because the disease will spread to the transplanted kidney. Such as amyloidosis, nodular arterial inflammation and diffuse around vasculitis, etc.

(2) systemic serious infections, tuberculosis, peptic ulcer disease and malignant tumor patients, can consider a kidney transplant. Due to the application of immunosuppressant after transplantation and steroids, disease will deteriorate rapidly.

(3) when suffering from serious medical conditions cannot tolerate surgery or anaesthesia, cannot consider a kidney transplant. Such as severe heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (copd), cirrhosis, and so on.

(4) because need lifelong maintenance treatment after transplantation, patients with psychiatric disease, patients with adherence is poor, poor economic conditions, not considering the kidney transplant.

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