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Blood Purification

We called the Blood purification dialysis in our daily life.Its meaning is: put the patients blood outside from the body and through the derivation of a purification device, remove some pathogenic substances in the blood,to purify the blood, achieve the purpose of treating diseases. Blood purification include: hemodialysis and hemofiltration, blood perfusion, plasma exchange, immune adsorption, etc. although the Peritoneal dialysis is no blood in vitro derivation, but the principle is the same. Hemodialysis is one of the methods of treatment of chronic renal failure.

The concept

The patient's blood in vitro derivation and through a blood purification device, remove some pathogenic substances (toxins), to purify the blood,and cure diseases, the purpose of this process is the blood purification.


Hemodialysis (HD), blood perfusion (HP), plasma exchange, etc. but the continuous blood purification (CBP), blood lipid,and artificial liver support system (ALSS) is combined application by multiple technologies above, Though peritoneal dialysis without extracorporeal circulation, only in ascites exchange to achieve the purpose of purifying the blood, but from broadly speaking, also should be included within the blood purification therapy.

Blood dialysis

The principle of semipermeable membrane is through diffusion, convection, the metabolism of various harmful and unnecessary waste and excessive electrolyte moved out the body, achieve the purpose of purifying the blood, and achieve the purpose of keeping water electrolyte and acid-base balance .

Blood perfusion

The principle of Blood perfusion is put patient's blood in vitro derivation, and the solid adsorbent, such as HA resin, the resin) in blood perfusion, removes some metabolic product in the form of adsorption and exogenous drug or toxicant and so on, after purification, put the blood back to patients, to achieve the purpose of treating diseases. At present the most commonly used clinical blood perfusion adsorbent resin.

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