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Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Traditional Chinese medicine is various and active ingredients and biological activity is strong, long-lasting low toxicity, so laid the advantaged superiority in the world.The World in advance, so the traditional Chinese medicine need to development , "advancing with The Times" is the trend of The Times,and innovation is the only way. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) modernization goal is "satisfy Chinese, let foreigners to accept". It is a process of continuous innovation, the process is endless. TCM modernization has abundant connotation, has been accepted by more and more people in recent years, and also absorb the attention of the authorities. The world health organization officials have stressed that in the 21st century to solve the human disease, hope in modern traditional Chinese medicine combined with traditional Chinese medicine.

Introduction of therapy

Micro Chinese medicine osmotherapy is the a kind of therapy to treat the chronic kidney disease largest kidney disease . This therap summed up by specialized hospital (Shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital )with over 20 years clinical practice, in other places there is no this treatment.

Micro Chinese medicine osmotherapy treatment ,which core technology is an effective prescription for superfine grinding of to treat kidney disease, the purpose is to fully release the effective ingredients of medicines and mix. Then with the aid of effective penetrant and osmosis devices, by topical way, will be effective drugs into the renal lesion, achieve the goal of effective treatment for kidney disease. This innovative therapy, not only eliminate the side effects of oral drug problem, but also achieve the goal of the drug ingredients effective into the lesion. And this innovative therapies has proved clinical practic are effective and convenient. Currently the therapy has become one of the core features in our hospital. Its treatment mechanism is: through the expansion of blood vessels, anti-inflammatory, anti-clotting, blood viscosity resistance and material degradation fibrosis implementation block renal fibrosis progression, repair the damaged inherent cells and renal function, rebuild the kidney structure. So referred to as: blocking, repair and reconstruction.

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