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Urine Occult Blood

1. Brief introduction

Urine occult blood is checked in urine routine test. There is a test named red blood cell, if it increases(normal is negative), in terms of number, less red blood cell is called urine occult blood. However, urine occult blood itself can as an index. Generally, urine occult blood is caused by kidney disease or urinary tract infection.urine occult blood.jpg

2. Generation

Suffering from urine occult blood, red blood cell can not be seen by naked eye or under the Microscope, but if check by test paper the result is opposite. Because when red blood cell get damaged, its contained heme will be released, so urine test bar can detected heme’s reaction. But why heme will fracture before leaving body? This is because heme itself life span is over, like forth proper motion, it may be drink more water, urine become thin, tension get lower, so heme fracture. Whether or not have urine occult blood, it is like hematuresis can not be ignored.


Urine occult blood is different in age and gender. Such as young female, besides clinical symptoms, doctor should ask whether they lie in special days. Urocystitis is the common reason. If it occurs in male aged 30-40 and do not have obvious inflammation. Sometimes, they should do abdomen X-ray to make sure is it stone. Enlarged prostate is the main factor in aged male. In addition, they should do Intravenous urography imaging and ultrasonic inspection to sure whether it is tumor.


Urine occult blood troubled some people after they get reports, besides athletic hematuresis, medical hematuresis, we need to do relative tests.

Among kidney diseases, such as acute chronic nephropathy, nephropyelitis, which all appears hematuresis. While all kinds of pathological injuries lead to damaged renal local microcirculation disturb then renal tissues ischemia, anoxia as well release inflammatory medium, start renal tissues process. This time glomerulus will happen local pathologic change; Mesangial cell proliferation, mesangial matrix increase, glomerulus basement membrane change result in electrostatic barrier damaging, renal permeability increase, thus it will happed urine occult blood and proteinuria++.

With the leakage of hematuresis and proteinuria, kidney damage will further aggravate, glomerulus gradually develop the stage of fibrosis and sclerosis. In clinic, they should adopt systemic treatment, block renal fibrosis in time, avoid it leads to kidney failure.

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