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Basis of the Uremia

Uremia refers to Acute or chronic renal insufficiency development into severe stage, due to the accumulation of metabolites and water, balance disorders electrolyte and acid-base and endocrine dysfunction cause the body appear a series of self poisoning symptoms.

Treatment of the Uremia

There are there mathods of the uremia treatment: 1,The kidney transplant Renal transplantation is a treatment of uremia, successful kidney transplant can let patients get rid of dialysis. Kidney transplant is also unique in the world to get rid of dialysis, and the effective method of treatment of uremia. But the kidney transplant surgery is increasingly mature, in terms of the current medical level, a kidney transplant is not a very good way.

2,Blood dialysis

Hemodialysis, referred to as "Hemodialysis", the common phrase that is called the artificial kidney, kidney dialysis, is a kind of blood purification technology. This is use the semipermeable membrane principle, through diffusion, convection, the metabolism of various harmful and unnecessary waste and excessive electrolyte moved out of the body, and achieve the purpose of purifying the blood, and achieve the purpose of keeping water electrolyte and acid-base balance absorption. Hemodialysis is one of the more effective in the treatment of uremia.

3,Combined therapy of Chinese and western

By combining traditional Chinese and western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) combination the high-tech instruments perfectly, which is can stimulate human body tissue cell resonance successfully, the physical and chemical properties change organization cells, promote cell activation and regeneration and improve the body immunity comprehensively, reduce the abnormal reaction and improve the glomerular basement membrane permeability, reduce the leakage large molecules such as proteins, improve the glomerular filtration rate, increase urine output volume, reduce edema, improve the creatinine and urea nitrogen removal ability, comprehensive improve kidney function.

Symptons of the Uremia

What are the symptoms of uremia? There are many symptoms in the early time of the Uremia, the expert reminds you: First of all, there are some symptoms in the early time of the uremia, Early uremia appear more urine, and the urine is clear like water is the warning signs of deterioration of kidney , though kidney disease onset conceals, silently threat the human body.Everybody don't be very worry about this.

Its symptoms can be roughly classified as the following:

1. The slight fatigue, distraction

2. Anemia, pale

3. The whole body bone pain or waist backache sour

4. Stomach upset, nausea, vomiting, gastrointestinal bleeding

5. Night urination, urine, urine clear light

6. Easy to bleeding

7. A cramp

8. Irregular menstruation

9. Hypogonadism

Secondly, in the late-stage uremia have some symptoms . The patient's body system will be affected,and appear in heart failure, severe mental disorder and coma, life threatening.

With the clinical manifestations as following:

1, Water, electrolyte and acid-base imbalance, dehydration and water retention; electrolyte disorder; acid-base disorders)

2, Digestive system damage, gastrointestinal bleeding and gastrointestinal lesions.

3, Respiratory disorders (pleural effusion; uremic lung, pulmonary function changes; pulmonary infection and pulmonary calcification)

4, The blood system damage (anemia, bleeding)

5, Metabolic and endocrine system damage

6, Bones, joints, muscles and skin lesions

7, The cardiovascular system damage (hypertension, ischemic heart disease; uremia; sex heart disease pericarditis; heart failure; heart disorders, etc.)

Diet of the Uremia

1, In the nitrogen qualitative hematic disease and uremia patients should with low protein diet, and the protein must be the animal protein ,and contain the essential amino acids

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