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kidney disese
Basics of the Kidney Failure

The classification of the renal failure
1. Acute renal failure : Acute renal failure progress rapidly, usually due to insufficient kidney blood supply, some factors makae the kidney’s function damaged or the hurted by the poison material.

Treatment of Kidney Failure

For the most patients with the kidnye failure,want to know what is best way to treat this problem.
No doubt,the dialysis is the most common way to put out the toxins ,but dialysis is just a assist way to help the kidney work.

Diagnosis of the Kidney Failure

1.At the beginning of the disease,there is no special smptoms,except the performance of the basis disease. residual nephron can't adjust to the the minimum requirements after the illness development serise, and uremia symptoms will gradually appear. Mainly appear the metabolites retention, water, electrolyte and acid-base balance disorders, and each system are involved.

2. shoule identify the acute and chronic renal failure.

1) the acute renal failure have complex causes, clinical syndrome is caused by many factors, The reasons can’t be categoried by a good way, according to the habit have the before the kidney, kidney, kidney after acute renal failure.

2) chronic renal failure, because of the damaged nephron, and reduce the renal excretion and endocrine function to regulate metabolism and cause severe damage to disorders water electrolyte and acid-base balance ,and appear a series of signs, symptoms and complications.

3). Kidney tumors likely occur in 40 to 70 aged men, polycystic kidney and hereditary kidney disease who have a family history of kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and childhood had nephritis, all these are the reasons of the chronic renal failure risk.If the people have such diseases, should be tested periodically, make sure have a knowledge of the kidney function, and have a earlier treatment.

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