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The Basis of The Nephritis

Glomerulonephritis is non suppurative inflammatory lesions on both sides of the kidneys. Kidney damaged by renal corpuscle appear the phenomenon such as edema, high blood pressure, proteinuria, which is one of the most common kidney disease. Glomerulonephritis is a lot of more phyletic, acute nephritis (glomerulus) and chronic (glomeruli) glomerulonephritis, pyelonephritis, occult nephritis, allergic purpura nephritis (purpura nephritis and lupus nephritis (with lupus nephritis).

The Symptoms Of Nephritis

1, Kidney damage, and repeated fluctuations in serum creatinine level, not stable within normal levels.

2, After treatment, proteinuria and hematuria have reduce or lower, but due to illness repeatedly appeared. This kind of situation, sometimes even worse.

3, Under the recurrence open, about half of patients can appear edema, to face and lower limb, edema, once appear, difficult to fade.

4, Acute attack of chronic nephritis.

5, Clinical symptoms include swelling, especially for high blood pressure returned to normal after repeated again.

Treatment of Nephritis

Combine TCM and the western medicine to treat the kidney disease Kidney disease has become a threat to public health around the world . A kidney disease must be scientific and effective treatment as early as possible. The main functions of the kidneys in addition to discharge the waste, including regulating body fluids and maintain water and electrolyte and acid-base balance, etc. It makes the surrounding environment to maintain a constant body cells, to ensure normal metabolism.Our hospital will combining traditional Chinese and western medicine to treat kidney disease.

Mainly have the "Chinese medicine osmotherapy". This way is adopt combine traditional Chinese and western medicine, anti fibrosis treatment, protect kidney function to the greatest extent possible. Mainly use the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine is complementary, Adhering to the "traditional Chinese medicine is given priority to, the combination of Chinese and western, inheritance and innovation" principle, Chinese medicine will play its advantages fully, According to the different situation of the patients use the western medicine are differently.

The best combination of Chinese and western medicine, need to know both western medicine and the traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese and western medicine prescriptions from the hand of a person, that make a diagnosis and give treatment the same patients can obtain good curative effect,that is the right combination of Chinese and western medicine treatment.

Symptoms of The Nephritis

Nephritis have some symptoms: 1, Prodromal symptoms, For the most patients,they will have a pioneering infection before suffer the disease,and have disease suddenly. 2, At begining with oliguria, or less urine gradually, even anuresis. At the same time with the naked eye hematuria, duration, but the microscopic haematuria persist, routine urine changes and acute glomerulonephritis are basically same.

Diadnosis of the Nephritis

The diagnosis of acute glomerulonephritis(1) Acute nephritis and urinary tract infection. Acute nephritis without typical Symptoms, sometimes only the change of urine, such as protein and a small amount of red blood cells, white blood cells but no hypertension, edema, oliguria, such as clinical symptoms,this is have similar performance with urinary tract infection.

Diet of The Nephritis

What food is good to Nephritis patients, the patient's diet plays an important role to disease rehabilitation.According to the kinds of disease and the series of the illness to make everyone's diet. For chronic nephritis, reasonable diet and treatment are equally important. So in patients with chronic nephritis should pay more attention on diet. Here introduce street to patients with chronic nephritis diet:

1. To eat warm is food,you’d better choose the gentle cool food.

2. Chooes the food with rich vitamin A, vitamin B2 and vitamin C .

3. Choose high price protein such as eggs, milk, meat, etc., to supplement the discharge loss.

4. According to the renal function change conditions limit protein, salt and water, less urine patients also restricte high in potassium diet.

5. Water without limits, can drink orange juice, watermelon juice, orange juice, fruit vegetables juice and water, etc., to diuresis detumescence.

6. For cases with anemia, should choose foods that with rich protein and iron, such as animal liver, beef, egg yolk, and green leafy vegetables, etc.

7. To control blood pressure,patients should limit salt intake, according to the condition have less salt or salt free diet, even blood pressure returned to normal also should be the light diet.

8.When kidney function decline and serum creatinine increase, should give low protein diet, which is beneficial to retain residual renal function. Choose high biological value of protein food. Appropriating animal protein such as fish, meat, chicken, in order to increase the patient's appetite.

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