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The side effects of hormone

  The side effects of hormone

  Hormone is the fast and most effective drug for the treatment of kidney disease. But it can just control the state in a short period. It may cause many side effects, influencing health and prone to the relapse. So it is not recommended to long-term treatment of hormone. However, do you know the harm to kidney?激素.jpg

  Superficial changes

  It’s the obvious symptom. Temporarily taking large of hormones can cause the redistribution of fat. Then there may be accumulation of fat, showing that moon-shaped face, buffalo hump, thin legs but obesity body.

  Increasing appetite

  After taking hormone, the appetite will increase. But we need control the food consumption, having more meals a day but less food at each. Keep a low-salt diet and reduce the high-sugar and high-fat food.


  Hormone may cause free bone calcium, further developing to osteoporosis. It is a common side effect. What’s worse, patients will occur some sequela, like femoral head necrosis.

  The decline of immunity

  Hormones will produce the sense of exhaustion. The decline of immunity may cause cold, further to induce the relapse of kidney disease.

  Physical excitement

  Many patients with kidney disease after taking hormones may appear highly excited. Some can not sleep up to a few months.

  Gastrointestinal bleeding

  Temporary taking hormones can damage the gastric mucosa, soothing the secretion of stomach acid. It can also cause gastritis or gastric ulcer, causing damage to the entire digestive system.

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