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What To Do with Fetal Polycystic Kidney?

Generally speaking, fetal polycystic kidney is a kind of hereditary kidney disease. Therefore, with regard to people who have polycystic kidney disease, they had better pay more attention to children health. In other words, they should pay enough attention to occurence of fetal polycystic kidney  .fp.jpg

At the present, according to hereditary mode, fetal polycystic kidney is divided into two kinds, namely autosomal dominant inheritance and autosomal recessive inheritance. Symptoms will occur when patients are adults for the former one . While, the latter one can appear obvious symptoms when patients are babies. What to do with fetal polycystic kidney ?

Firstly, doctors should know about the kind of polycystic kidney through family history and many tests, but one offspring with polycystic kidney has to bring certain influence to family and society, so fetus choice should be made very cautiously .

Secondly, when fetal polycystic kidney dysplasia occurs, whether it belongs to unilateral or bilateral is quite important. If it is bilateral, pregnant women had better stop pregnancy for bad prognosis. To the contrary, pregnancy can go on when it is unilateral.

In conclusion, after knowing about fetal polycysitic kidney, it is advisable that parents choose regular hospital to have prevention and treatment positively. By the way, you are also welcome to consult doctors online.

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