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How to deal with the occult blood ?

Patients said that there are many treatments for proteinuria, less for the occult blood. So why don’t the occult blood drop down? And how to reduce it


 Patients said that there are many treatments for proteinuria++, less for the occult blood. So why don’t the occult blood drop down? And how to reduce it ?


Actually, occult blood refers to the “indiscoverable blood” in urine. Red blood cells burst before into urine, releasing protoheme. Occult blood is showed by plus sign, having a maximum of four pluses. The blood urine refers to the appearance of red blood cells. Under the high power field, there should be less than three red blood cells. If over three,it belongs to blood urine. Both the occult blood and blood urine are caused by inflammation.


What is the correct treatment of occult blood?

The reason why we rarely talk about the treatment of occult blood is due to its treatment is similar with urinary protein, treating from the perspective of the cellular level. When the urine protein is reduced, the occult blood would be reduced at the same time. Occult blood is different from urine protein. Urine protein can drop down as long as you don’t worry about the side effects with western medicine. However, the western medicine has little effect on the occult blood. On the contrary, Chinese medicine treatment has a obvious drop effect.

Considering the oral drug difficult to reach kidney, we create a series of new therapies, such as moxibustion, steaming, ointment, acupoint application, medicated bath and foot bath etc. Through the various of methods of administration, drugs can show a better efficacy. Prevent the necrotic process to improve the ischemic state. It can effectively relieve the occult blood on the basis of maintaining the kidney function.

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